Mounties Care are the proud naming rights sponsor of the Mounties Care CareFlight helicopter.


About Mounties Care CareFlight


CareFlight operates the rapid response Mounties Care CareFlight Helicopter trauma service from the Westmead base in Sydney. The helicopter is on its way to a major trauma incident within three minutes of tasking.

One of the fastest services of its kind in the world, the helicopter delivers a specialist doctor, highly skilled intensive care paramedic and hospital-level equipment as close as possible to a patient anywhere in the greater Sydney area within 15-20 minutes of a 000 call.

The CareFlight helicopter lands almost anywhere that is suitable, including roads, parks, sports ground, median strips, schools, vacant blocks, back yards and even tennis courts. If there is no safe landing at the scene, local police meet the helicopter at the closest landing site nearby and drive the trauma team to the patient.

The equipment, drugs and blood products carried on board the helicopter mean the specialist doctor and paramedic can begin definitive treatment at the scene. Often the doctor will place the patient into an induced coma to control their breathing. In the case of head injured patients, this helps prevent secondary brain injury.

Once the trauma team have stabilised the patient, they transport them to hospital by helicopter or road ambulance. Children and babies are flown directly to a children’s hospital.


Mounties Group has enjoyed a rich history with the CareFlight team, previously supporting them through community donations and ClubGRANTs. However, this newly announced deal is of a far greater scale than any partnership they have enjoyed before.

Mounties Group CEO, Dale Hunt, knows all too well the importance CareFlight has in the community after a CareFlight team saved his own son’s life.

“Without CareFlight my son would not be here today. I wholeheartedly believe this, and I know there are many others that share the same sentiment as I,” says Dale.

“The brand-new helicopter is like nothing you have ever seen before. It is state of the art technology. I am incredibly proud that this is now out servicing the region and saving lives every day.” Dale concluded.

CareFlight CEO, Mick Frewen is thrilled with the support Mounties Group have afforded them over the past eleven years and believes the creation of Mounties Care has brought them closer together than ever before.

“The work that Dale and the team are doing through Mounties Care goes far beyond the role in which we expect from clubs, and yet it makes absolute sense for clubs to support their members in such a way with a heavy focus on members health and wellbeing” Mick explains.

“Over the years, the support that Mounties Group have provided us has been invaluable, their unwavering commitment to us has certainly allowed us to grow our services and save even more lives and for that we are truly grateful” Mick concluded.