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Live-in Care

Live-in care is for anyone who requires full time care in the comfort of their own home. An experienced carer stays with you 24 hours a day and are there to help you with your day-to-day routine.

Clients who choose live-in care are able to remain in their own home, with their pets, in a familiar and comfortable environment, surrounded by their most treasured things.

Live-in care is suitable for those who:

· Require assistance throughout the day and night

· Are seeking an alternative to a nursing home

· Have increased care needs post hospital stay

· Require respite


How it works?

We provide carers to cover 7 days. Usually one carer works 2-3 days. There are 8 hours of active care in a 24 hour period.


Why would you choose Live-in Care?

Quality of Life: With a live-in carer, you will have one-on-one help. Our experienced carers will live with you, offering one-on-one comprehensive support to help you live the life you choose.

Stay in your own home: With live-in care you can receive the care that you need in the comfort of your own home. Live-in care is flexible and tailored to suit your lifestyle.



What about a trial?

When it comes time to consider full-time care, how do you decide the best solution? Making the right decision has a long-term impact. Why not give a short term Live-in Care solution a try?

· Easy to set up

· Cost effective

· No commitments


To tailor a plan specific to your needs please contact our friendly
team on 1300 290 221




24 live-in care
(10am-10am next day)

$637 /
24 hrs

$680 /
24 hrs

$725 /
24 hrs

To tailor a plan and to receive a detailed quote please contact our friendly team via the form below or on 1300 290 221.