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Mounties Care Home Care enables and empowers people to continue living as independently as possible in their own homes.

We want to ensure that you make the most of every day so you can continue doing the things you love and enjoy. We offer a range of services that cater to people from all walks of life, we collaborate with you to put together a personalised care plan that is tailored to your individualised needs and suits your lifestyle. Our staff are handpicked, highly qualified, experienced Carers who receive ongoing training and support. 

Here at Mounties Care Home Care, our experts can assist you in getting the right support to manage your health care needs.

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About Us


Our mission is to deliver compassionate care in the home with innovation and understanding to enhance your quality of life. We support independence at home and are a major contributor in helping you live life your way. The later years of life can be especially challenging, but Mounties Care is here to help.


We listen to your needs to put together a tailored care package that suits you. We work with our community members to customise care options that will help them lead the lives they want independently and in their own home.

We offer a range of services that cater to people from all walks of life, we collaborate with you to put together a personalised care plan that is tailored to your individual needs and that suits your lifestyle.

Our friendly team are here to support and help.

Call us on 1300 290 221.


Is there something you need help with that isn’t listed here? No worries! Our care is flexible and tailored to you. Give us a call on 1300 290 221 to chat to us about your needs and how we can help.


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Hourly Care

To assist you with daily living by providing discreet personal care and light domestic duties at home.

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24 Hour Care

We offer you 24/7 continuous active care in the home.

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We can help you in remaining connected to your community.

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Live-in Care

For those needing a live-in carer to assist you in living a full independent life in the comfort of your own home.

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Overnight Care

We provide overnight care (both active and inactive options) to those who require help or support at varying hours.

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Respite Care

For when your main carer needs a break, we can help you.

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Domestic Assistance

Our hand-picked carers can ensure your home is maintained by assisting with household tasks such as cleaning or meal preparation.

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We offer assistance with getting you to your appointments.


• Elderly frail & aged

• Elderly couples

• Clients living with dementia

• Clients living with disability

• Anyone returning home after hospitalisation

• Clients who require respite care – providing a break for family members or a privately retained carer

• Clients who are terminally ill and require care and support

• Frail aged clients in a nursing home requiring additional support


Our care staff are all qualified in their relevant fields. They receive ongoing training to keep them up to date with their skills, ensuring the best care for your loved ones. Our carers are experienced and have all been thoroughly vetted prior to going into your home.

Prior to sending carers to your home we ensure that they are familiar and understanding of your needs and service requirements.


All our carers must:

  • Be Australian residents or have appropriate working visas
  • Have their references checked and verified
  • Have a current first aid certificate including CPR
  • Have relevant experience when offering companion services
  • Have had a recent Police Background Check
  • Have their own vehicle


Carers are ‘visitors’ in your home. Our carers provide unobtrusive support enabling you to maintain your privacy and dignity. They know how to ‘be invisible’ when on duty.

You will be able to communicate with your carers. All of our carers have excellent English conversational, comprehension and writing skills.  We also have some carers who are bilingual. To enhance your wellbeing we provide carers who can communicate with you on a range of levels, discuss the issues of the day, read newspapers and liaise with your family.

Carers are chosen carefully. Our experienced consultants interview and carefully assess all potential carers. We do our best to ensure that the experience of the carer matches your needs as closely as possible. We work hard to select a compatible carer – perhaps someone with similar interests​.


  • You will have the same Carer visit you on a regular basis and, you’ll find our carers arrive promptly and perform duties as agreed.
  • Carers record notes in your Carers Notebook which is available to you and your family to read at any time.
  • Your Care Coordinator will continue to supervise your care with frequent communication and home visits.
  • Before we place anyone, we always ask ourselves if we would be happy having them looking after our family.


Do you have a Home Care Package and want Mounties Care Home Care staff to assist you?

No worries!

You can self-manage your home care package and choose Mounties Care Home Care to provide services to you. Self-managing your home care package gives you freedom and flexibility to receive the care that you want, the way that you want.


How it works?

Follow the steps below or phone Mounties Care Home Care on 1300 290 221


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1. Book a consultation

Chat with on our friendly team on
1300 290 221 to secure your consultation.

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2. Have an assessment

One of our team will assess your individual needs and tailor a care plan.

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3. Start your services

Begin receiving your planned care services!



Please complete the contact form below and one of our support team will be in touch.