Dr Jessica Leech


Dr Jessica Leech is a dedicated and compassionate General Practitioner serving the Northern Beaches community of Sydney for over 16 years. With a warm and professional approach, Dr Jessica Leech has built a reputation for delivering comprehensive healthcare with a focus on the needs of families, women and children and individuals over the age of 50.  

Dr. Jessica Leech’s journey in medicine is guided by a commitment to holistic, whole person care. Her expertise covers all aspects of general practice, with particular interest in family medicine, women's and children's health, travel medicine, psychological health, and the coordination of care for chronic health conditions. Her patient-centric approach ensures that every individual receives the attention and personalised care they deserve.

Dr Leech is committed to general practice, fostering an environment where patients are treated with respect, kindness, and professional care. Whether you're seeking preventative advice, managing a chronic condition, or addressing acute health concerns, Dr. Jessica Leech is able to support you and your family on your health journey.

Areas of Interest
- Family Medicine
- Women’s and Children’s Health
- Psychological Health
- Travel Medicine
- Coordination of Care for Chronic Health conditions