Deep Health Program

Mounties Care Health Clinic

What is the Deep Health program?

“The first wealth is health”- Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Having worked with hundreds of patients, we have developed a strong understanding of the factors that take a person from ill health to deep wellness. We have designed our Deep Health model to go deep into the real causes of a person’s health issues.

By combining practitioner, health coaches and naturopaths you have a wider range of expertise and experience. The integrative doctor has strong diagnostic training to assess your health history and form a deep diagnosis of the root cause of your issues. The practitioner uses their extensive knowledge of nutrition and natural medicine to form a treatment plan that’s personalized to your lifestyle and your health coach ensures you remain focused, accountable and on track to meet your health goals.

Our team are experts in various health conditions from gut health, to skin issues, to inflammatory dieseases. Your integrative practitioner will explore why your health issues have occurred through in-depth analysis and testing. We take the time so you get the results.

How much does it cost?

We take the time so you get the results Our 14 week program fee is $1,414.85 after medicare rebate.

This includes:

• 14 weeks of care

• 5 dedicated Practitioner appointments

• 4 dedicated Integrative Doctor appointments

• 8 dedicated Health Coaching sessions

Lab and supplements are additional

What kinds of conditions do we treat at Mounties Care?

Our unique approach is aimed at treating many chronic conditions such as:

• Gut health

• Chronic Fatigue

• Inflammatory Diseases

• Mould related illnesses

• Allergy and Food Intolerances

• Cystic Fibrosis

• Sleep Conditions

• Pain

• Metabolic issues

• Childrens Health

• Thyroid

• Autoimmunity

What should I expect in terms of diagnostic testing?

We will only order testing that will affect the treatment plan and desired by the patient. Where possible, we suggest the least invasive forms of testing. Not all patients will require diagnostic testing and many tests are partially or fully covered by Medicare. If you have recent test results, we encourage you to bring them to your appointment. Highly specialized testing is billed privately.

What should I expect in terms of supplements?

Almost all patients we work with are deficient in some or many vitamins and minerals. We will design your supplement regime that will be unique to you and your team will carefully determine the most appropriate therapeutic doses for your needs. Supplements are an additional cost, but an essential part of the program. Your team will only recommend supplements that have been produced ethically from sustainable and clean sources, avoiding fillers and cheap replacement molecules. Where cost is a concern, your practitioners will collaborate with you to simplify your regime to prioritise the most essential supplements for your healing

Can I access the Deep Health program via telehealth?

Yes, you can. Once you have had your initial appointment with all the practitioners face to face, you are able to connect with your dedicated practitioners until the end of the program.


14 week program


after medicare rebate

all prices are indicative only, please see medical staff for customised quote