Diabetes Program

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What is the Diabetes Program?

Type 2 Diabetes is associated with hereditary factors and lifestyle risk factors, including poor diet, low physical activity and overweight/obesity. This means there is lots to work with! Even if you are currently managing your diabetes through medication or insulin replacement to control blood sugar levels, addressing your diet and lifestyle can result in huge improvements in your condition.

Is this program for you?

This program has been designed for patients diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetic and/or insulin resistance

While each person must be assessed individually, the following may be possible

Reversal of Diabetes

Reduce risk of related diseases and illnesses

Reduce the need for medication

Increase energy and well being

Achieve and maintain a healthy weight


How much does it cost?

Our 13 week program costs $1,440.08 after your medicare rebate.

This includes:

• 3 dedicated Integrative Doctor appointments

• 4 dedicated Practitioner appointments

• 6 dedicated health coach appointments

• 7 body composition analysis’

Lab and supplements are additional

How does it work?

In your initial appointment, we’ll get some benchmarks to understand your current health profile. You’ll do a baseline Seca Scan that measures your body composition and we’ll assess your lifestyle profile.

For new patients, you’ll meet with the GP to ensure the program takes into consideration all your health factors. Next, our practitioners will develop a personal holistic plan just for you. We will take into consideration your body type and use evidence-based strategies to ensure you have the best chance of implementing the dietary and lifestyle changes to boost your health. 

When you, your integrative practitioner, GP and your dedicated health coach all work together towards the one objective, you’re more likely to succeed.

You can look forward to a future of feeling good!


13 week program


after medicare rebate

all prices are indicative only, please see medical staff for customised quote