Annie Stewart


Annie is a degree qualified naturopath dedicated to exploring what really works when it comes to natural therapies and holistic medicine. Her purpose is to provide the right information at the right time for her clients, empowering them to transform their own lives.

Annie was first introduced to alternative and complimentary therapies when she underwent a quest to cure cancer for her dear father. Unfortunately, her personal quest was unsuccessful however, this catapulted her down a greater path of learning and self healing which she is forever grateful for.

She loves analysing and creating a picture out of a person's biochemical, genetic and bacterial makeup. She utilises these tests to establish base-line health parameters which are then employed to refine her treatment approach.

Evidence medicine underpins all her clinical decisions however, she is constantly in awe of the stunning intelligence the body holds with it's own innate healing abilities. She is particularly interested in the psycho-neuro connection between out bodies and minds and believes that, the mind is the most powerful tool we can utilise to achieve health.

Her experience varies across a wide array of conditions. Areas of health she has successfully treated include; autoimmune disease, Crohn's disease, IBD/IBS, SIBO, hormone imbalances, female fertility, mental health and men's health. She loves working with individuals that identify as being "not sick, but not well" as she believes, this is truly where natural medicine shines and proves it's value time and time again in it's ability to transform lives.

A one on one consultation with Annie is always light-hearted and deeply informative with an emphasis on lifestyle and dietary education. She relies on the application of nutritional and herbal medicine to gently nudge your body back into balance. She is deeply passionate about taking an individualised approach to client care with the sole focus of getting to the root of your challenges.

Annie's motto is "If you think you can, or you think you can''re probably right" so choose wisely!