Fresh water

Introducing the Northern Beaches newest and most exciting holistic health hub –
Mounties Care Integrated Health Clinic.

Opening Soon:
Freshwater Clinic


The state of the art health clinic brings revolutionary holistic health to the Northern Beaches. With a team of complimentary healthcare professionals all under one roof, you can rest assured your health needs will be well looked after. Specialising in chronic and difficult to treat conditions.


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The Freshwater Clinic has five consultation rooms as well as a dedicated IV treatment centre. The Clinic is located in the Health & Wellness precinct of Harbord Diggers, well positioned between complimentary allied health services.

Whether you're tackling chronic pain, or simply seeking greater vitality, our practitioners are ready to help you. While the concept of Integrative Medicine is not new, leading the way in this sector is a group of practitioners who are passionate about creating a new kind of medical centre and practicing a new kind of medicine. One which is truly patient centred, holistic and focused on a person’s total wellbeing.

Our clinic offers traditional GP specialist services for commonly occurring health issues, as well as tackling uncommon and chronic diseases. With a clear focus on preventative medicine, providing additional integrative lifestyle health approaches for more complex health problems. This model has demonstrated exceptional results in areas such as anxiety, depression, digestive problems, insomnia, allergies, diabetes and other chronic and inflammatory conditions.





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Deep Health Program

We have designed our Deep Health model to go deep into the real causes of a person’s health issues.

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Diabetes Program

This program has been designed for patients diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetic and/or insulin resistance

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Metabolic Transformation Program

Do you feel like you have tried everything to lose weight but nothing seems to work? If you’ve been looking for a supported weight loss program that will give you the tools to get your health back on track then this is the program for you.

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IV Vitamin Therapy

IV therapy is a great option for repairing and healing the body. We offer a menu of advanced IV vitamin therapy treatments customizable to address common and unique wellness concerns.