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Discover holistic health at its finest at Mounties Care Integrative Health Clinic - providing general practitioners, integrative doctors, and complementary allied health professionals to the Northern Beaches.

Freshwater Clinic


The state of the art health clinic brings:

- Revolutionary holistic healthcare for for various chronic and inflammatory conditions including anxiety, depression, digestive problems, insomnia, allergies, and diabetes.
- Expert team of complementary healthcare professionals, including GPs and integrative doctors.
- Detailed approach for total wellbeing, beyond traditional 7-minute consultations.
- Focus on preventative medicine and integrative lifestyle health approaches for complex health conditions, resulting in exceptional outcomes.
- Five consultation rooms and dedicated IV treatment centre.


Located in the Health & Wellness precinct of Harbord Diggers, with easy access to complementary allied health services.




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Deep Health Program

We have designed our Deep Health model to go deep into the real causes of a person’s health issues.

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Diabetes Program

This program has been designed for patients diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetic and/or insulin resistance. 

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Metabolic Transformation Program

Do you feel like you have tried everything to lose weight, but nothing seems to work? If you’ve been looking for a supported weight loss program that will give you the tools to get your health back on track, then this is the program for you.

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IV Vitamin Therapy

We offer a menu of IV vitamin therapy treatments.


Combined 1hr Naturopath & Doctor Consultation
$200 per person

Limited time only.

Book an appointment:
Calling (02) 9105 4840 or



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Now Available!

Protect yourself and your loved ones by getting vaccinated today.

Book an appointment:
Calling (02) 9105 4840 or
Emailing or
Online via HotDoc

Don't let the flu get you down this season. Planning for the colder months is essential, and here at Integrative Health Clinic Freshwater, we understand the importance of keeping our staff and community healthy and protected. 


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General Practitioners

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Dr Michelle Henderson

Integrative General Practitioner

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Dr Raymond Wong

General Practitioner

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Dr Ros Foster

Physician (Sexual Health)

Integrative Medicine Practitoners & Therapists

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Emma Howard


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Anneliese Braendle 

Health Coach
NBCHWC, MSs Change Management

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Greta Thurgood

Clinical Nutritionist

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Peta Matthews


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Annie Stewart


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Daniella Gardiner


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Ray Chen

Integrative Physiotherapist /
Mindfulness Practitioner

Support Staff

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Nicola Mayes


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Jo Bateman



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